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Wanting More

June 13, 2012

Today our Worship Leader, Megan Cates, shares some reflections about what God is doing this week at camp:


It’s Wednesday morning during our first session of the summer.  As far as I am able to tell you – this week has been nothing short of ‘too much fun!’  It has been filled with energy and excitement that is different than previous summers I have worked at camp.  Now, I’m not saying this summer is better than previous summers – but it is different.

Camp Oak Hill is a place where God is present.  Each time I step foot onto this property – the presence of God becomes more real to me – and this summer, His presence has overwhelmed every part of my being.

As the worship leader this summer, my prayer each day has been something like this:

“Lord, allow each person that enters into this place of worship to encounter You and leave wanting more of You.  We are desperate for more of You, Jesus.”

In the gospels, Jesus says, “Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith…” (Matthew 21:22)  and let me tell you something – He wasn’t kidding!

I’ve been blown away by the faithfulness of God this week in answering the prayers I’ve prayed each day.  His love, His grace, and His power are touching the hearts of every person here and stirring within them, making them want more of him!

Let me give you a couple of examples:

First, God is touching the hearts of campers – softening their hearts to His love and letting them see that He is here, allowing them to realize that they want more of Him.

Yesterday morning, I walked into the dining hall a few minutes late for breakfast (Sorry Brian!).  I had spent the morning by myself – praying for the day – asking God to reveal Himself not only to the campers more, but to myself as well.

He was quick to respond!  He knew the perfect way to show me that He IS working, and it was through a conversation with a precious camper:

“Megan, are we going to have ‘Music With Megs’ again today? It was my favorite thing yesterday!” – Catawba Camper

I was floored!!  A little Catawba, one of the youngest campers here, expressed that she wanted to sing songs about Jesus – that singing to Him and about Him was her favorite part of the day!  She wanted more!!

Ah, God is good!!

Second, God is touching the hearts of the parent chaperones that are here this week.  After breakfast this morning, I was standing in the activity center with my guitar around my neck talking with one of the lovely chaperones and Allison.  We were talking about the week – how we all enjoy being at camp – and I started strumming softly on my guitar.  My lovely parent friend stops our conversation and says:

“We wanted more!”

“More?  What do you mean more?” – I responded

“Last night we (the parent chaperones) didn’t want to stop singing.  So we went back up to the cabin when everything was done and just started playing music on the ipod and sang because we wanted more.” – Village Parent

Again, God is good!!

Psalm 22:3 says that God “dwells” in our praise.  Praise and worship, our joyful noise, is a vehicle of faith, which brings us into the presence of God (that’s not an original quote – I’ve heard that somewhere…).

Jesus tells us this same thing in Matthew 18:20, “for where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am among them.”

This is what is happening at camp this week!  God’s presence has been dwelling among us and is responding as we come together each day to talk about him and sing to Him in worship!  And whenever God’s presence is among us, it leaves us wanting more – and more – and more.  Because He alone is what satisfies the depths of who we are!!

Like I said in the beginning of this post, this is only our first session!  I pray Jesus continues to be our focus – that we may continue lifting him up through praise and worship, allowing His presence and power to dwell in our midst and leave us wanting more of Him!!

Much love,

Megan Nonie Cates

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