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Tuesday Update

July 19, 2011

Hello parents and blog followers out there! We hope all is well with you at home, because things are great here at camp!

It’s another beautiful day at camp (although a bit hotter and muggier). The kids continue to enjoy morning rotations, and especially free time (currently in progress) during the afternoon after rest time. Can you guess what the #1 free time activity is at camp? I’ll give you hint…it involves a long line, sweet (and healthy!) snacks, and souvenirs. That’s right, CAMP STORE! It’s funny each day to ring the bell and watch all the kids run from their cabins down to the activity center to purchase a snack…the guys in Cabin 1 are always some of the first to arrive! We’ve really enjoyed our new popcorn machine this summer…tastes like the kind you get at the movies!

Counselor Hunt was a lot of fun on Monday evening. Perhaps you’ve seen a few of the pictures posted on Facebook? Half of our staff hid, while the kids searched them out! We also placed index cards with varying point values around camp, so many cabins were able to boost there score at the end. In the spirit of tradition, we always “pie” a few (or more) counselors in the face with a delicious whipped cream pie. Fun for the kids, and tasty (and sticky) for the counselors!

Tonight we are so excited about our CARNIVAL, which (weather permitting) will be held on the lawn in front of the dining hall. We’ll have face painting, ring toss, bingo, bowling, balloon popping, a “tractor pull,” and many more games to play. We had a carnival on July 4th and it was a blast…we’re excited for another one tonight! We’ll be sure to post pictures on Facebook…if not tonight, definitely Wednesday morning.

That’s all for now…check back soon!

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