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Session 3 Recap

July 14, 2011

So…what else have we been up to this week? Be sure to check out the Facebook page for pictures, but here’s a brief recap of some of the activities!

Counselor Hunt was (as always) a lot of fun on Tuesday night – and ended with some staff members getting pied in the face! This is tradition at Camp Oak Hill – the “found” counselors must stand in a line, and the winning boy cabin and winning girl cabin get to choose one of them to pie! Delicious…

Wednesday night was “Crazy Olympics” – a series of team-based relay style races between the different cabins. Events included “Hoola Hoop Relay,” “Dizzy Bat Relay,” “Disc Toss,” and “Water Balloon Relay” in which campers had to balance a water balloon on a spoon – it’s not easy! The evening ended with worship in the activity center, followed by devotions.

Thursday morning we had a special surprise for the campers – some neighbors in Granville County brought over 2 miniature horses! Picture a horse…only smaller. The kind you pay money to see at the State Fair – they were at camp! It was a great experience for the kids, who got to pet the horses, walk them around a little, and ask questions to the owner. The kids who signed up for the special horse rotation this week were given even more time with the miniature horses by the horse ring, and a few lucky campers were given the chance to ride one! It was a really neat morning and we are thankful to our friend and neigh Fred who brought the horses for us to see!

The weather Thursday has been spring-like, and we’ve enjoyed the change! We were able to spend almost all day outside, ending with a closing campfire by the lake.

More than anything else, we hope each camper this week has experienced “Real Love” – the love that God has for us, made known to us through Jesus Christ. We are thankful for all the fun we’ve had, but are mindful that the real reason we are here is to grow in our faith and knowledge of God.

It’s been a great week – looking forward to Friday for the traditional “Run for the Roses” relay in the morning, and a closing ceremony in the afternoon!

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