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Closing Day – Session 2

July 8, 2011

It’s hard to believe that it’s time to close out our first 2 sessions of the summer! Many of the campers who will leave today have been part of our 2-week session, and many others arrived this past Sunday for Session 2. It’s been a great week, and we’re sad to see it go!

Some highlights of this week have been:

– The 4th of July Carnival followed by Fireworks: We proved that rain can’t stop us from celebrating!

Capture the Flag on the Front Lawn: A Camp Oak Hill tradition!

Skit Night: Lots of funny acts and “Music Videos” performed by each cabin!

The LIT Hiking Trip: Around 30 of our high school leadership campers hiked the Mt. Rogers area in southern Virginia – another COH tradition that LIT’s look forward to for years! All reports indicate that with the exception of a little rain, the trip was a blast! The LIT’s returned Thursday evening with a traditional jump in the lake to “get clean” from all the dirt and grime they collected on the trip!

Closing Campfire: We had to move it inside due to rain again (and some annoying gnats), but as always it was a lot of fun and a great way to end out he week!

Run for the Roses!: (Currently in process) This is perhaps the favorite and most time-honored tradition at camp – a giant relay race on the closing day of camp! The campers will be divided into 5 teams and run a relay race around camp, ending with the winning team ringing the bell to announce their victory!

What a great week! We’re sorry to see all the campers go, but look forward to welcoming everyone back next summer!

(We’ll have pictures posted on Facebook soon, just gotta collect them first!)

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