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21st Olympiad

August 5, 2010

Today, August5, 2010, marks the 21st Olympiad at Camp Oak Hill. It is quite possibly the most exciting day of the summer!

We commenced our festivities last night at Opening Ceremonies. The camp was divided into two teams: The Flintstones and The Jetsons. After a brief team meeting with the coaches, all the campers made their way to the front lawn for the torch lighting. Folks, for some of us here at camp, this is the most emotional event of the summer. Runners from each team were selected to carry the flame from the Rappelling tower down to the dock, where a giant torch was waiting. Both teams were positioned on either side of the dock, and as the Olympic Theme music sang through the night air, hearts were beating eager with anticipation. As the flame made its way across Frog Squash Lane, the crowd began cheering for their team. When the torch was finally lit, the crowd went wild, and tears were shed. The Olympics had begun.

Today, The Jetsons are dressed in red, and the Flintstones in blue. The dining hall is divided in half. The Flag Raising will begin in approximately 9 minutes! Both teams are excited for the days events, which include:

– Knock Out Tournament

– Fishing

– Ultimate Frisbee

– Canoeing

– Track

– Water Polo

– Archery & Riflery

– Kickball

– Tennis

– Volleyball

– Softball

– Swimming

– Soccer

– Basketball Game!!!

It’s going to be a great day!!!!!!!!!!

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