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Session 4 Update

July 19, 2010

Session 4 has begun, and we’re off to another great start!

For many campers, this isn’t the start of a new session, but a continuation of their 2-week session. Over the weekend, around 60 kids stayed over. They played field games, watched a movie (due to inclement weather), and had a talent show on Saturday night. Sunday morning they had a special worship service outside.

Sunday afternoon, around 80 more campers arrived for Session 4. We kicked off the week with the traditional opening campfire, which was moved inside halfway through due to a thunderstorm. The LIT’s returned safely from their respective hiking/canoe trips, and made their traditional splash into the lake right in the middle of campfire! We sung songs, played games, watched skits, and learned about all the great things you can do with a bandanna (you’ll have to ask your camper…!)

Today the weather has held out for us during morning activities, and only rained during lunch! We were happy to welcome a couple of visitors from the American Camping Assocation (ACA), who were here to conduct a scheduled visit, done every 3 years at camp. The directors spent the morning with the visitors, walking around camp and covering policies and safety procedures. Overall, the visit went very well and we look forward to hearing the results from ACA!

So…new campers are here, campers from last week are still having a blast, and our LIT’s are safely back at camp after a great weekend in the great outdoors.

Tomorrow the ACE campers are going on a trip to Wet ‘n Wild water park in Greensboro!

Check back for updates!

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