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Another EPIC Week at COH

July 7, 2010


We just finished with our first-ever camp-wide ICE CREAM BLITZ BLOWOUT BONANZA EXTRAVAGANZA FIESTA GALA PARTY THING!!! You’re probably wondering what this is? Each week, the prize awarded to the CLEANEST cabins during the cabin cleanup competition wins an ice cream party on the last night of camp – complete with music, dancing, and tons of fun. Well, this week, ALL the cabins were so clean, we decided to award the party to the entire camp! EVERYONE was dancing, enjoying some ice cream, and having a great time!

It’s sad to think tomorrow is the last day! Where did the week go!? A few highlights from the week:

CRAZY OLYMPICS – One evening, we divided up by cabins and had a great night of relay races and crazy games. “Dizzy Bat Relay” was the highlight of the evening – quite possibly the funnest (and funniest) event we do at camp. Spinning around 10 times with your forehead stuck to bat, then running across a field, is NOT as easy as it seems!

CAPTURE THE FLAG – Wednesday morning, we played a camp-wide game of capture the flag in place of rotations. EVERYONE gave it their all and had a great time!

POOL PARTY! – Also on Wednesday morning, we conquered the heat by splashing around in the pool. Of course no pool party is complete without a bellyflop contest! Campers and counselors both joined in the fun. What a great way to spend the morning!

CLOSING CAMPFIRE – Songs, skits, games, competitions, and learning more about God – can you ask for anything better?


Thursday we’ll end the week with RUN FOR THE ROSES before lunch, and closing ceremony just before departure. We’ll be sad to see the week end!

It’s been great!

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