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Session 1 Update 2!

June 30, 2010

We’ve reached the midway point of Session 1, and things are going great! The weather was HOT HOT HOT at the start of the week, but we have been blessed to have some cooler weather yesterday and today. Everyone is drinking plenty of water and getting much needed rest during rest-time!

One of our additions to the daily schedule this year is “Cabin Time,” which takes place for an hour after rest time each day. It’s an opportunity for the cabin to get together and do an activity of their choice with their counselors. The purpose of this time is to build stronger relationships with one another and bond through a structured activity. Some cabins have played field or gym games, others have taken the time to stay indoors and make bracelets, arts & crafts, or even play board games. One cabin even opted to “Gospel-cize” yesterday afternoon (Think: Excercise to Gospel music!).

Monday evening after dinner the whole camp came together for the traditional “Counselor Hunt” – where certain counselors hide around camp, and cabins go around trying to find them! The cabin that finds the most counselors wins. A new twist this year – campers were given water balloons to “tag” the counselors after they were found. Lots of fun!

Tuesday evening the camp had a giant “Scavenger Hunt.” This is where campers bring random items to the front lawn, line up on opposing sides, and rush to the middle if their item is called. (For example: If you bring a roll of toilet paper, we may announce that we want to see a camper “Mummifying” their counselor. The first cabin to do so wins the round.)

Lots more is in store for this week. A pool party is in the works, and perhaps some other water games as well. Anything to beat the heat!

Thanks for checking in! We’re having a blast!

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