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Top 10 Reasons to attend YOUTH WEEK

April 5, 2010

If you are in middle or high school, you should consider attending YOUTH WEEK 2010. Why, you ask? Consider the Top 10 Reasons:

#10 – Evening Programs

If you’ve been to camp before, you know that each evening after dinner, the entire camp participates in an evening program. Whether its a Pool Party, Capture the Flag, or Crazy Olympics , nothing beats coming together as a camp and having fun together. During Youth Week, you get DOUBLE the evening programs – that’s right, each night we stay up a little later and have two evening activities each night. What’s more, we always kick it up a notch during Youth Week – you never know what kind of crazy activities we’re going to do!

#9 – Special Days

At Youth Week, you never know what kind of fun surprises are in store. Maybe it’s College Day, where we sleep in and eat pizza for breakfast? Maybe we change up morning programs and do something completely different? Maybe there will be a special guest? When it comes to Youth Week, anything is possible.

#8 – Breakfast in Bed

Speaking of surprises, last year we decided to switch things up a bit and serve breakfast in bed one morning. Imagine waking up and instead of making the trek to the dining hall, you have breakfast right there waiting for you! Will we do it again this year?

#7 – Rap Sessions

No, we don’t have a beatboxing competition at camp (although that sounds like it could be fun…). Rap Sessions are a special time when campers have the opportunity to choose from a group of selected topics and have honest and real conversations about the things that really matter in life. Campers split up into groups by topic and hear from a guest speaker about topics ranging from peer pressure, to relationships, to how to live your life for God. This is a powerful time of honesty and real-talk about what’s going on in your life.

#6 – Club Oak Hill

The biggest party of the summer! Take what you know about our weekly Icecream Blitz Blowout Bonanza Extravaganza Fiesta Gala Party Thing, and kick it up about 100 notches. Club Oak Hill is a giant dance party where everyone brings their best dance moves to show off to their fellow campers. Campers and staff have even been known to dress up for the event. Whether you’re a seasoned dance pro or have never danced a beat in your life, Club Oak Hill is a blast.

#5 – Basketball Game

The culmination of the funnest day of the summer (see #4). The Flintstones and The Jetsons battle it out for Olympic glory. The winner goes down in Camp Oak Hill history!


To quote Allison Babyak, our Program Director –

“The Olympics is the reason I came back to camp.”

Quite possibly the funnest day of the entire summer. The entire camp is split into two teams – The Flintstones and The Jetsons. We begin the night before with opening ceremonies, complete with a torch run and the lighting of the COH Olympic Torch. It’s an emotional time. The next day is spent competing in different events – from foot races, to washers, to water polo. Whatever your skill is, there is an event on Olympics day that is perfect for you. The day ends with a big basketball game, which can ultimately decide the winner!

#3 – Summer is Almost Over!

Youth Week runs from August 1-7, not long before school begins again. What better way to to end the summer than at camp!? It’s a great way to get encouraged and prepared for the coming school year.

#2 – Friendships

It’s the best thing about camp! The relationships that are formed at camp last throughout the year, and sometimes for a lifetime. Youth Week is a great way to meet new friends, and catch up with old friends!

#1 – Growing in your relationship with God

At Camp, everything we do is ultimately about strengthening our relationship with God. Youth Week is a powerful time of worship, Bible study, and fellowship with others your age. With older campers, we are able to get even deeper into God’s Word, and really examine how it applies to our lives. More than anything else, getting closer to God is what camp – and Youth Week – is all about.

Youth Week runs from Sunday, August 1 – Saturday, August 7, 2010.

Click here to register now!

If you’ve been to Youth Week before, share YOUR top reasons for going in the comment section!

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